Rocky Mountain Region

Home to the longest Mountain range in the world!

States included

- Colorado

- Idaho

- Montana

- Wyoming

- Nevada

- Utah

The climate and physical features of the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain region has many different physical features but not as many different climates. The most well known part of the region is the largest mountain range in the world. The Rocky Mountains. The climate can be arid to semi-arid. The best family friendly place to go is Yellowstone national park.

Natural resources and where they come from

The natural resources found in the Rocky Mountains are copper, gold, lead, silver, molybdenum and lumber. The ores (copper,lead,silver,molybdenum,and gold) all come from the mining companies. The wood comes from tree farms ran by lumberjacks that also produce food (beef, corn,bison,ect.).

Some natural resources of the Rocky Mountains

Regional food and what they grow

The two popular regional foods in the Rocky Mountains are Rocky Mountain oysters (they're not actually oysters) and corn pancakes with onion sauce. The Rocky Mountains grow peaches, lettuce, cabbage, barley, hay and potatoes.

Industry and occupations of the Rocky Mountains

The three largest industries in the Rocky Mountains are agriculture, mining and tourism. Like all places, the existence of humans in the area requires food to be grown, making agriculture a large industry in the mountains. The beautiful mountains don't only attract tourists, but contain many profitable ores like silver and gold. The Rocky Mountains have a large lumber industry too, requiring lumberjacks. Livestock ranching is also a profitable occupation.

Recreation and tourist attractions

Pikes Peak and Royal Gorge are rock formations in the Rockies that attract tourists. Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone National Park show off the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. With high mountains and cold temperatures, skiing and snowboarding are popular in the Rocky Mountains.

Famous people of the Rockies.

A few famous people from the Rocky Mountains are Juan de Onate and William Gilpin. Juan de Onate is known for being the first to explore the Rocky Mountains. William Gilpin was the first governor of Colorado, which was a territory at the time.


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