Landai Poems

Format of a Poem

Where it originated

Landai poems originated from Afghanistan. These poems are the "voice of

rebellion" for the women because they are forced to do traditional roles. For

example,marriage that they are forced into. These poems are one of the strongest

ways that Afghan women can represent themselves. Landai means " short,

poisonous snake"This name for the format of a poem is letting the women attempt

to put their word out there.

Examples of Landai poems

You sold me to an old man, father. May God destroy your home, I was your daughter

- Author not known

Her memory will be a flower tucked into literature's turban. In her loneliness, every sister cries for her.

- a leader of Mir man Baheer for Zarmina

These poems show where they originated and the style/format that people in America

don't really know about because it's from Afghanistan. It also shows the author and the culture behind it from where it originated from. It shows this by the authors names and the hurt in these poems.