Information regarding Covid-19


HOW does this impact Cordelia Hills?

Based on a mandate from Governor Newsom, we have been asked to cancel NON-essential events with potential of crowds of 250 or more people. We are looking at activities planned for March and April at this time. Parents are being asked to refrain from entering classrooms and the MPR during this period. This includes volunteering.

The following activities have been cancelled or postponed for March and April:

-All fundraisers

-All assemblies (Battle of the Books ok but participants only)

-All presentations by external speakers/providers that are not under formal District contract

-All school sanctioned after school and PTA events including Movie Night and Multicultural Night.

-All field trips.

The following activities will continue:

-Classroom instruction

-Breakfast and lunch (all groups must be kept to less than 250 total MPR occupants)--We will re-organize lunch to keep the number of students to 200 or less.

-Morning Walk


Additional Information

1. This situation continues to be fluid. We anticipate additional information from the Governor and that may include school closures. While some other schools have closed, as of now, we will only close by county or state order.

2. We are developing distance learning opportunities but are not ready to roll anything out formally. We will keep you to up-to-date as that changes.

3. The District has increased staff to help clean classrooms, playgrounds, and other areas on campus.