Jim Crow and Civil Rights Today

By: Zoe Bradford, Laura Lamb, and Jun Yi

What is the origin of your locale's inequality?

During the 1830's to the late 1840's a white entertainer named Thomas Dartmouth Rice (1808-1860) acted a dance and song that is supposed to reenact a black slave. Thomas named the character "Jim Crow". He would darken his face with black cork, would act crazed, imitating the way african americans would speak, and sang songs such as "Negro ditties" and "Jump Jim Crow."

How does that unequality take shape today?

This inequality takes shape today in many different ways. In the past fifty years, the rates for equality have greatly increased, but are still not completely where people would like them to be. “Class and poverty have largely suspended race as the cause of inequality today, particularly in education”. -John Brittain

What role does culture play in inequality?

Certain cultures believe in different things. Some of the beliefs are opposite of others causing them to clash and people to not get along. There was a lot of discrimination based on how they were brought up and were taught that they (the whites) were superior. The past generation rubbed off on them, causing them to rub off on the next generation and so on. Also, not all of the discrimination was intentional. Some was, but some was for comical purposes.

What is the political response to inequality in that region?

Voting was affected by poll taxes and literacy tests. Added the civil rights act and voting rights act.

What role has the government played in shaping inequality in the region?

The systems of the Jim Crow Laws passed by the government imposed massive deprivation, required sustenance from racist ideology, and left a legacy of disadvantage and indignity. The Jim Crow laws were finally abolished on 2 July 1964 when President Lyndon Johnson historically signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Civil Rights Today: Although laws were passed to try to end inequality, unfortunately the laws cannot change people's way of thinking. The government's role in shaping inequality is to hear and investigate civil rights violations.