Technology Updates

A view of what the Technology Department has going on

March 7th, 2022

I hope everyone had a restful weekend.

We wanted to share with you updates the technology department is working on. We have heard concerns about the new technology coming this summer and are working on solutions for you all.

This week we will be testing different options of teacher tools to use with the new Promethean Panels, such as Document Cameras, Wireless writing tablets, and playing DVDs on the new panels. We know that not all teachers need or use all of these tools but we are looking at options for those who do use these, in their classrooms.

We are trying to address concerns with the new technology coming for the summer of 2022. Change is always hard but in technology, without change, there is no growth. We are planning PD for everyone and working with Kyle Louder and Robin Friedrich.

Please be on the lookout for a survey from Dana about possible Demo Night days and times. We are planning to have a couple of nights where you can come and play with the new technology and ask questions.

If you need help getting started on converting files to Google please feel free to reach out to the technology department for help. The technology department's plan is to start pulling computers in the buildings without summer school as soon as school is over. Your files will need to be uploaded to Google Drive or backed up before school is out so we can start pulling computers, smartboards, and projectors. Sarah Keithley has created three short step-by-step tutorials on how to move materials over to your Google Drive, click here to view the tutorials.

Scroll down to see the New Promethean Titanium Panel in action!

Big picture
Introduction to the Titanium ActivPanel

Technology Tip

Ctrl + Home - Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document

Ctrl + End - Moves the cursor to the end of a document

Ctrl + Backspace - Will delete entire words at a time instead of letters

Ctrl + L - Select URL

Ctrl + C - Copies items that are highlights

Ctrl + V - Pastes everything you had copied

Ctrl + Shift + V - Pastes everything you have copied without formatting as plain text