Where in Northern America?

Where do You Want to Live?

Why New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a pretty great place to live in. New Hampshire is a rather safe state with some of the top public schools in the country. Out of 50 states we are ranked around 9 or 10 for our public schools. According to this website: http://os.cqpress.com/rankings/2010/Crime_State_Rankings_2010.pdf we are the safest state, but it might be a little outdated since it was done in 2010. The climate does vary though. It can get extremely cold in the winter months, but it can sometimes hit the upper 80's to low 90's in the summer. NH does share an 8 mile border with the ocean so if you still want to near the ocean there is some. Another great thing about NH is no sales tax! Although our state has one of the highest property taxes in the country.

We actually have a pretty low unemployment at 5.2% compared to other states. For sports and recreational activities there are a LOT of mountains to hike in New Hampshire. The Appalachian trail starts at Mt. Katahdin in Maine and runs through New hampshire all the way dome to Georgia. The main religion in NH is Catholic just like the rest of the country and the majority of the population is white.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Maybe you don't want to stay in the United States, try Canada then! New Hampshire borders Canada and it is really close by. Most of southern Canada pretty much has the same climate as the Northern US except for the wind. It is constantly windy and occasionally gusts can reach up to 150mph. Plus there is a lot more ocean depending on which Province you live in. Cape Breton Island is surrounded by ocean. On the western side it's actually quite warm. Most people speak English, not French, so you don't have to learn a different language. Recreational activities and some sports include hockey (in the winter), swimming (in the summer), hiking, and hunting. The crime rate is right in the middle, it's 8th out of 13. There is a 15% HST and there is a sales tax. Most people who live in the area are of Scottish, English, or Irish descent. And the largest religion seemed to be Roman Catholic. The unemployment rate for Nova Scotia is 9.2%

Where You Shouldn't Go

A place that I would never, ever consider living in is Nebraska or really any other state located near or in Tornado Alley. I just don't like tornadoes. Nebraska does have a really low unemployment rate with only 3.6%. The climate is sort of like ours, but NH has a lot more rainfall and Nebraska is typically dryer and better for growing crops. Nebraska also has a rather high property tax with 1.7% and they also have sales tax. Nebraska has a very low public school ranking compared to the rest o the country. Overall Nebraska is a pretty safe state to live in it ranks at about 20 out of 50. The religion is mainly Catholic like the majority of the US and most of the population is white. Some sports and recreational activities include hiking, fishing, and hunting.

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