Please Stop Laughing at Me

Book Club Smore Assignment


Please Stop Laughing at Me is an autobiography about bullying throughout Jodee Blanco's life. Jodee was a happy, healthy, girl in elementary school. In fifth grade, jodee began volunteering for the special needs kids, but her friends said that they wouldn't like her anymore until she she stopped volunteering, and she did. She later resumed helping them, out of guilt, and that is where the bullying began.

Jodee then went to Morgan Hills Academy for a fresh start, and everything was going perfect until she made enemies with many people at a party. The tormenting began again after that. To escape the bullying, Jodee's family moved again, this time going to Northwest Junior High. Once again, the physical and mental tormenting began again, just because Jodee stood up for what was right.

Jodee then went on a vacation that changed her whole outlook on life. In Greece, she made many friends, and learned that there are still people out there who care.

Twenty years later, the harassment of school still weighed on her, and she was going to her high school reunion. It turned out better than she ever could of expected. The past was gone, and she loves her life in he present. She could finally let go of all the stress and sadness she had been holding on to for years.

Character Analysis

The main character of the book "Please Stop Laughing at Me" is Jodee Blanco. Jodee has shown on multiple accounts that she is a headstrong individual who wants to always do the right thing. Jodee says, "I couldn't stand watching someone get hurt when I knew I could do something about it" (104). Her family tries to be there for her, but they just don't understand what she is going through. Jodee describes "telling them [her parents] would hurt more than help" (88). Jodee enjoys writing and giving speeches. Jodee also forgives very easy, and desperately want to have friends.


The conflict Jodee Blanco encountered in the book "Please Stop Laughing at Me" is man versus society. Jodee was bullied and tormented by her peers all of her life, and she had to push through it. Society appeared to be against Jodee until she went on her trip to Greece. Jodee describes about Greece "I feel more a part of this place than I ever did in the states" (183). This trip pulled Jodee out of the sadness and loneliness she had been living with for so long. She endured her last year of high school, and did a few programs at college. She met people who had gone through the same thing she had, and finally, escaped the horrors of high school for a fresh start at college. At her reunion, all of the people who once bullied her were accepting her, and she found a way to forgive. She was finally happy, and her conflict had been resolved.


Even if it doesn't seem like it, there are people who are there for you and care. You just have to find them.

I believe that this is the theme of the book because at one point, Jodee had been very depressed, lost a lot of weight, and almost never left her room.Then her parents took her to Santorini, Greece, where she made friends she would never forget. It was then that Jodee realized that there really are still people who care about her and want her to keep going. That was a turning point in the book and in her life.

Textual Evidence

“The hardest thing about being an outcast isn't the love you don't receive. It's the love you long to give that nobody wants."

I think that this was a very powerful and important quote in the book. To begin, Jodee was extremely depressed, was barely eating, and almost never left her room. Then, her parents took her on a life changing trip to Santorini, Greece. It was there that she came out of her depression because of her new friends. She finally found where she felt like she fit in, and that pushed her through her last year of high school with the knowledge that her friends back in Santorini were rooting for her.

Book Review

I give the book "Please Stop Laughing at Me" four out of five stars. It had a very good plot and was overall written very well. It also included a lot of emotion which made the book more interesting. You really understood what Jodee was going through. As described on the back of the book "This book could save a child's life."
Jodee Blanco - Please Stop Laughing at Me
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