Innovative Educators

Technology Imbedded into Your Classroom

21st Century Learners

The new millennium was ushered in by a dramatic technological revolution. We now live in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society. Education is the fostering ground to making sure our kids are prepared for the evolving future.

Just a Few Teacher Resources

Just A Few Tools to Experiment With

STORYBIRD (Artful Storytelling)

Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you can make and share on any device. Teachers are able to create assignments and due dates so students see what their expectations are. This is a free tool that allows students and teachers to be creative and inspired by artwork to create their own story.

Weebly (Free Website and Blog)

Weebly gives everyone a surprisingly easy way to create a unique site. This is a free tool to use by educators to create a classroom website and blog. It is very easy to create and maintain. It is also both desktop and mobile friendly.

A Vision of the Future