Street Through Time

By Kelsey

The Plague

At the beginning of time there were wars, diseases (A LOT), new technology improved (not IPhones), new looks of clothing, and different ways of getting food. During the war houses caught on fire (even some burnt down), people died, and everything was a mess! Boats and ships weren’t even made in early before 2,000 BCE. Ships and boats started to get made in the late AD 600’s. People traveled and explored, and made trades. Everyone thought that the new invention was GREAT, and so easy! After years and years of traveling on ships and boats something terrible happened... war cam, and so did diseases. One of the diseases were caused from rats on fleas, it’s known as the Plague. It was HORRIFIC! People were dying everywhere! Now there was a new invention, well... kind of, the new invention was called the Plague Pit. They put all of the people who got bit by the rats with the fleas on them, in the pit, because somehow they thought that if the people that got bit don’t get buried they will get the Plague sooner or later.


During the war diseases flew around like fly's did. The diseases came from all over the world to this one place. Not everyone was used to these diseases from all of these people. The most known disease during this time (the war time) was called the Plague. The Plague was caused by fleas going on rats. If a rat that has the fleas on them, bites a person, that person has the Plague, and they soon die. The people of the town dug up a hole in the ground and threw the people who had the Plague in it, if they were dead or alive.