Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Natasha.M


In the early years women went and helped their hunbunds dig.Some women stayed home and

took care of their children while their hunbunds dig.

roles and responsibilties

Some women were shopkeepers on the goldfields.Some women made a little store while their hunbunds dig.They sold blankets, tea,flour,jam and tools.Some women were entertainers and they change their name to famous names.Some men through gold at them because their perfomance.


Back on the goldfields health was poor. When a woman gave birth to a baby, other women helped them.There was only one doctor the doctor helped the people that were really sick.Lots people on the goldfields had diseases. Some of the diseases were dysentery, typhus and other contagious illnesses like measles. Some people died because they were really sick. The dotor had lots of jobs to do such as barber, dentist and they had done more jobs.mutton damper did not help them.When diggers hurt thier selfes they had to put acholto make it better but it would sting but they just had to live with it.


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