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November 5, 2020

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  • A Message from Superintendent Ghysels
  • Wondering what schools & classrooms look like? (photo album)
  • Stay safe and stay open!

  • COVID-19 Testing Sites - for our TTUSD community

A Message from Superintendent Ghysels

Dear TTUSD Community,

We are thrilled we were able to safely reopen our schools and welcome back both Cohort A and Cohort B students to campus this past week. It was great to see our students! We put together a “First Day Back” photo album that’s filled with photos submitted from parents and our staff. Be sure to check out the big smiles on our student’s faces!

I’m so proud of all of the safety measures in place to keep our students and staff safe and minimize any risks associated with COVID-19. We want to be able to keep our schools open and ask that you do your part. Don’t attend or host large gatherings. Take precautions and mask up. If we all follow TTUSD’s health and safety protocols whether we’re on campus or off, we’ll keep our TTUSD community safe!

Also, it is imperative that our families keep students home if they are sick and communicate with our schools if symptoms are present.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate this “new normal” and make the most of a challenging situation and do what’s best for our students.

Take care,


Carmen Ghysels

Superintendent Chief Learning Officer

Wondering what schools/classrooms look like?

This school year is like no other and for the first time, visitors (including parents) aren’t allowed on campus due to safety measures.

We know it’s hard to not see the inside of your child’s school and classroom and wanted to share some photos from across the district.

Here’s what classrooms/schools look like in Hybrid

Stay Safe & Stay Open

We have extensive safety measures in place to keep our students and staff safe when on campus. BUT what you do off campus - parents and students - has a big impact on the safety and well-being of our school community. Don’t let up! Don’t get lax! It truly is our individual and collective actions that will keep us safe or put us at risk.

We are thrilled to have our students back on campus and we want to be able to keep them there with our schools open. Please, do your part! Don’t host or attend large gatherings. Take precautions. Follow our safety and health protocols on and off campus.

Your actions make a difference. Thank you!

Please Stay Safe So We Can Stay Open!

COVID-19 Testing Sites - for our TTUSD community

There are two testing sites in our district - one in Truckee and one at the Lakeside.

What you need to know:

Truckee location is available to all - those who have symptoms and those without symptoms who are doing the test as a screening.

We have a site at the Rideout Community Center and it’s only for TTUSD staff and students who are symptomatic or have had direct contact with someone who’s got COVID-19.

We have detailed information on the COVID Resources & Updates page of our websites along with a wide variety of resources for you, including our “COVID-19 Response and Notification Protocols” and our TTUSD COVID-19 Dashboard.