Math University

Middle School Math Visible Learning Course

Come discover how to generate that "aha" moment of understanding as students learn

The Office of Teaching and Learning is pleased to offer middle school math teachers a one-day course showing how visible learning strategies look in action. Participants will use grade-level examples and a decision-making matrix to learn to:

  • Articulate clear learning intentions and success criteria at surface, deep, and transfer levels
  • Employ evidence to guide students along the path of becoming metacognitive and self-directed mathematics achievers
  • Use formative assessments to track what students understand, what they don't, and why
  • Select the right task for the conceptual, procedural, or application emphasis you want, ensuring the task is for the right phase of learning
  • Adjust the difficulty and complexity of any task to meet the needs of all learners
  • Engage students in real-world activities strengthening modeling and reasoning skills

Facilitators include authors of the book "Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom".

Participants will receive a stipend of $125, a copy of the book mentioned above, a digital badge to attach to your email signature, and up to $200 of other great resources.

The course will be offered on the dates below.

4/13/19 9:00am - 3:00pm


Southland Center

3700 South High Street

Columbus, OH 43207

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