Vatican City

By Marco & Stefan

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Information about Vatican City

- It is the smallest country in the world.

- The capital city is Vatican City.

- The only city is Vatican City.

- Vatican City has an surface of 44 hectares.

- Vatican City has over 850 inhabitants.

- The pope is the head of state.

- The today's pope is called Franciscus.

- The St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City is the biggest church in the world until 1989.

- The St. Peter's Basilic is between 1506 and 1626 built on the place from the former Circus Nero.

- In Vatican City is the Roman Catholic Church the only church.

- In Vatican City are 9 churches or chapels.

- The Vatican musea is a group musea in the apostolic palaces where the art treasures from the Vatican to be see, that are collected by the popes.

- There are 5 musea in Vatican City.

- The today's pope is called Franciscus.

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Our vacation in Vatican City.

Day 1, Friday: We went to our hotel and it wasn’t very luxe, but that didn’t really matter. There was a big spider in the corner above the shower. I ran away and Marco had to take it away but he was scared to. Eventually we called the hotel boss to take it out and remove it. =)

Day 2, Saturday: We wanted to go to the St. Peter’s Basilica, but it was closed because the weather was so hot that all the relics began to melt. We actually thought the pope was exaggerating but later that day we were almost starting to melt. We ran to the hotel and we drank a lot of water and ate a lot of crisps.

Day 3, Sunday: this day was very very very rainy but that didn’t stop us to go to the church, this was a once in lifetime experience because it was our first and last time in Vatican city, so we had to make it a nice vacation. The church was lasting very long but it was nice. We went to our hotel and watched a movie, called the history of Vatican City.

Day 4, Monday: We went home.