MTSS in TSD - Weekly Wednesday News

2022-2023 Series - Volume 30 (April 5, 2023)

This is our thirtieth edition for this school year! We appreciate your readership!

We use this newsletter to make connections regarding the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework in the Thompson School District (TSD).

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Quotation: Inclusion is not an isolated program; rather, it is the result of a concerted, schoolwide effort to provide students with disabilities accessible and successful educational experiences. A row of colored pieces of chalk are across the bottom. Bottom citation: Brookes from Inclusion in Action by Nicole Eredics

UDL and Learner Variability

Last week, edWeb hosted a webinar about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Learner Variability (LV) - and the intersection of the two. When we plan with UDL, we address all of our TEE Compass Points, and we support each learner. Consider each learner by attending to Learner Variability. These are some of the free resources shared by the experts during the webinar; these could be useful for learning about the concepts of UDL and LV and/or for active implementation.

"This free tool helps you find research-based
strategies that support the whole learner
so you can create better learning experiences today."

Slide text: When defining implementation science, some very non-scientific language can be helpful...(bullet points) The intervention/practice/innovation is THE THING, Effectiveness research looks at whether THE THING works, Implementation research looks at how best to help people/places DO THE THING, Implementation strategies are the stuff we do to try to help people/places DO THE THING, Main implementation outcomes are HOW MUCH and HOW WELL they DO THE THING
Poster that has "It's Ok to..." at the top and multiple colored bars that each read a different phrase. From top to bottom: Cry, Say no, start over, Be yourself, Ask for help, Make mistakes, Not be ok with a heart. Bottom has @ACAC_CHILD and logo on bottom left.
quotation "When we give children what they need to learn, develop, and thrive, they give back through a lifetime of productive citizenship." Jack P. Shonkoff, 2017
Steps to Mastery adapted from Haring, Lovitt, Eaton, and Hansen 1978. Citation: lead inclusion. Images of wooden blocks that have upward direction arrows, each increases in height from left to right. Underneath them, from left to right, are the terms, acquisition, fluency, maintenance, and transfer. These match the increasing height sequence of the blocks.

Strive 2025, TEE, and what else?!

This past weekend, the ASCD Conference was held in Denver. They said that over 4,000 attendees participated, and the presenters, vendors, and facilitators from across the country/world promoted content and/or considerations (e.g., images below) that are also priorities in TSD.

For example, the Strive 2025 Focus Areas and Indicators align to many of the sessions' materials and/or descriptions from educational leaders who were in attendance (or thought leaders who were referenced whether there or not).

We have included some visuals, guidance, and/or resources that could be a focus for individuals, school leadership teams, and/or others who are trying to support scale-up of effective systems.
In addition to Strive 2025, the Thompson Educational Expectations (TEE) -- how we approach Learning in TSD, for each adult and student learning experience -- is visible in the learning sessions offered by the Feds. Note: Although not all stories in this edition are from ASCD, all fit within the MTSS framework - and could possibly be of use for your strategic implementation efforts.

ascd #ASCD23 quotation reads: One of the most powerful things we do is plant an image into a child of here's the positive thing you are. Dr. Michelle Borba
Every Adult is written at top with a plant and a lightning bolt hitting it on the left with the word Impairs and a plant with sun shining on it on the right with the word Empowers on the right. #ReignItED
Jim McTighe and slide that has four bullet points under the heading: Ideas for Action: Think Big. Start Small. Work Smart. Go for "early wins".
Jim McTighe with slide image that has the header "Goals for Modern Learning" and three connected circles that include Acquire important knowledge and skills on left, Understand big ideas on right, and Transfer: learning to new new situations at bottom
Quotation: If you're never failing, you're never storing failure indices, and that probably means you're playing it too safe." - p. 220 Keith Sawyer

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