Sex Shouldn't be Painful!

Pain During Intercourse or Problems Achieving Orgasm

Come to our clinic. Our physicians and therapists can help

No one should needlessly suffer from an orgasmic disorder or from pain during sexual intercourse. Our staff has years of experience working with patients and treating sexual disorders. Most patients have fulfilling sexual lives after seeing us here.

You are not alone! Treatment is available

Many of us realize that sex in the U.S. can be a very taboo subject. Pain during sexual intercourse and orgasm disorders are difficult to talk about, mostly because people are too embarrassed to ask for help. Our doctors and therapists work together keeping you, the patient, completely anonymous.

Here at our clinic, we begin with taking a full medical history and a physical examination. We need to take into consideration any medications that may be prescribed too; medications can be the cause of many sexual disorders. Some physical ailments such as diabetes and thyroid problems can have negative sexual side effects (White, 2016).

Sometimes behavioral therapy can help as well when there are no underlying physical problems that explain the orgasm disorder or pain during intercourse. These therapeutic sessions include information about sex, such as sexual stimulation and responses, learning how to communicate with your partner regarding your specific sexual needs, and tips on how to make sex better like getting a full nights sleep, reducing stress, and relearning how to have a healthy attitude about sex in general (White, 2016).

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment today!

Also, our doctors have heard it all, so do not be afraid to speak up! Call today or stop and speak with the receptionist before you leave. Having a happy sex life is possible and we are here to help you achieve this very important part of life.


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