Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening

The Silver Moon World Tour Coming to a City near YOU!!!

Hey guys its Shane. This will be my first international tour!!! I will be singing all your favorite songs and some covers. I am excited to meet all the fans and learn more about other cultures. I will be going to have fan meet ups and small concerts during the tour.

My team and I have worked really hard to have a successful tour. We've been having a lot of rehearsals. We have been also been brainstorming about cool and original ways of dances. I will also have guest to be performing in my concert like Jake Miller, Joseph Vincent, Ariana Grande, and so much more. I hope to see your beautiful faces during the tour.

The Silver Moon World Tour

Wednesday, April 16th, 9pm to Friday, June 6th, 11pm

The Earth

This is a world tour, so I will be going to France, Italy, China, California, and MORE!!!
April 16th- Hollywood, California

April 18th- Las Vegas, Nevada

April 23th- Austin, Texas

I will update the page as the tour progresses.

Parties will be announce in the concert