Some stuff about this book


The Color Purple is told from the point of view of a 14 year old girl named Celie. She comes from an abusive family and has 3 kids that are from her father. When Celies mom died , her dad gets her a husband named Albert. In the story Albert is referred as "Mr. _____" all the way until the end of the book. Albert already has 3 kids. The oldest kids name is Harpo. Celie sister Nettie goes to school everyday and after school she comes home and tells Celie what she learned that day. Pretty soon Albert decides that he doesn't want Nettie at the house so he drives her away. Nettie promised Celie that she would write letters to her but she never receives a single letter. It's found out that Mr._______ is hiding the letters. Eventually the sisters are reunited


-Celie is nettles older uglier sister who gets given to Mr.______, Celie is also the narrator.

-Nettie, she is kept away from her sister and her letters can't get through to her. She ends up going to Africa and marrying the minister she went with

-Shug Avery, Lover of Mr.______, ends up being a lesbian lover of Celie. Leaves Celie for someone else at the end.