The Fire- Witch and Wizard series

By: James Patterson

Whats the book about

The book im reading is a science fiction book by James Patterson. You can find this book in our school library.What this book is about is that two teenager are trying to save kids from the N.O. ( New Order ) but than try to hide from the N.O. because N.O. is trying to kill them because Wisty Allgood has the gift and her brother is a wizard and there trying to take there powers, Wisty Allgood just saw her very own parents get hanged but did they or not?

What I thought was powerful

What I thought was powerful about this book is that in all the series it has a lot of suspense but something different was about this book. The author, James Patterson, used a lot of imagery on describing the new characters and as you read you can imagine whats going on.