Rain Forests

The Rainforest Habitat

The rainforest has gigantic trees, colourful birds many insects and animals. They are wet places that get heavy rainfall throughout the year. They also get lots of sunlight and warmth.

The trees in the rainforest have dark green leathery leaves and there are flowers that grow on the trunks of the larger branches.

There are several layers in a tropical rainforest: a top layer of tall trees followed by a canopy layer of shorter trees where the many fruits and flowers grow on the branches. The next layer includes the shortest trees and bushes. Finally there is the ground where there is hardly any sunlight.

A Rainforest Food Chain

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The Parts of this Food Chain

The fruit, which is the producer, is eaten by the Wonga Pigeon which is the first consumer and an omnivore since it eats fruits, plants and insects.

The Diamond Python eats the Wonga Pigeon and it is a carnivore since it only eats animals and not plants.

Once the Python dies, decomposers eat it.

What are some animal adaptations in this habitat?

Parrots and toucan have big strong beaks to crack open the nuts they find.

The grasshopper camouflages and is transparent so that is hard to spot on a leaf. Stick insects look like the sticks around them. The three toed sloth crawls very slowly and camouflages so that it can’t be seen. Sloths stay very still and hang upside down so that jaguars don’t see them. Spider monkeys have long limbs so that they can swing from the trees to get around.

Some animals sleep during the day when it is the hottest and this way they also can get their food when there is less going on at night
A Slide Show About Adaptations

This is a slideshow I found that explains some of the adaptations animals have in the rain forest.