Anyone interested please contact Pawshere Foundation for more information at (219)-552-1111

We are looking for at people who can volunteer their time maybe 2 hours a week. This will give the dogs some consistancy with the volunteers so they will get used to seeing them. By doing this with the dogs also will help them with their socialization ability with more people. Which allows these dogs to feel loved, and even allow them to let go of any insecurities they may have. Every dog deserves a chance. Every dog deserves to be loved & find a home. You can also help w/any of the fundraising events coming up if you choose to do so. This allows these dogs more interaction with people which we all know can make a huge impact on them getting adopted sooner.

About: No Kill Canine Shelter/Rescue in Northwest Indiana


Alone, stopping cruelty, sheltering the homeless, advocating for the abused and reaching out to people to make a difference can be an exhausting almost impossible feat; however, by working together anything is possible. Together with area shelters, rescues and our community we can spread the word on adoption, awareness and our purpose as ONE voice.

Company Overview

Located at 22916 Harrison Street, Lowell, Indiana, 46356 PawsHere Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation, is a canine shelter, rescue and rehab for the lost, forgotten, abused and neglected. Established in 2007 and consisting of five acres in the southern part of Lake County, Indiana, PawsHere Foundation began because of one man’s love for animals and his determination to give the homeless a...

place to lay their head. Today, PawsHere continues his legacy by providing food, care, training and a home to our beloved fur-friends. Whether it is a temporary stay before adoption or a forever place to live out their days, PawsHere is here to give hope when there is none, love to the discarded and a voice to those without.

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Canine Shelter/Rescue - 501(c)(3) Corporation

General Information

PawsHere Foundation provides our homeless, neglected, abused and forgotten canine companions with food, hope and a place to call home. As a 501(c)(3) foundation, PawsHere is determined to help those in need through rescue, rehabilitation, education and adoption.