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Friday, November 13, 2015


Our iPads have been revamped and streamlined! Apps that you all requested have been added. For now we are only adding free apps, but will look into purchasing apps later on this year if necessary. Apps like Messages and Mail, that are unnecessary for students, have been moved to a folder and out of sight. Don't forget to use the Google Calendar MCE iPads to reserve them for your class. We also provide free delivery and pick up! ;)

Ipad Tip of the Week

Ipads can be used for self portraits!

Image found on This is a Kindergarten blog, but the ideas and activities can be modified for older grades too.

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Conference Thursday, November 19th & Friday, November 20th

I will be out Thursday and Friday of next week for the ARA reading conference. I will attend several sessions on technology there. I hope to bring some great resources back to you all!