How did the Impressionist Artists

Change Society for Artists in the 1800’s?

The Plan:


-Students will be divided into groups. They will research what Impressionism is using computers or other devices. Questions they might think about during research and planning are: What is Art?, Should Art have rules?, How much government control is too much?, How could today’s technology impact the Impressionist period if it existed back then?

-I would like them to choose a form of public media relations (e.g. news reporter, journalist, blogger, etc. ) to cover their “story” which they will create from their research.


  • Students will share with the rest of their group their creations summarizing what their view of Impressionism is.

  • Students will discuss with their group each other’s creations and discuss which direction they want to take next in this PBL unit on Impressionism and begin to create a plan together.