Angelina Jolie

Not Just an Actress

How it Began...

Angelina Jolie's mother was an actress. Beacause of this, Angelina wanted to start acting as well. All of her childhood actig lessons and her mohters fame lead to her being in the movie Tomb Raider. Since this was being filmed in Cambodia, she was personally exposed to the worldwide humanitarian crises for the first time.


Angelina Jolie shows all the qualties of a great leader. She is humble, eloquent, and good with people. But most importantly, she is dedicated. This is one of the main reasons she is such a good role model. People listen to and respect her because of these qualities. She is a genuinly good person with plans to prosper the world around her, so people want to follow in her foosteps.

Personal Connection

Angelina Jolie's boldness is something we share in common. We are not afraid to stand up for what we think is the right thing to do. We must choose the path that leads to good. Though this may be hard sometimes, the right path is always in view.