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Article about Yeezy


Kanye uses social media very seldom, but when he does, its on the toliet. Kanye West is known for tweeting things from the toilet. These tweets can range from what hes feeling all the way to whos on his top 10 list. Kanye uses his twitter to market his music along with his infamous clothing line. All of his tweets regardless the content gain many retweets and likes because of how rarely he uses social media.

Social Media

Kanye uses Twitter a lot and works with Tidal to release songs
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Statistic around Social Media platform

On twitter he has 20.8 Million followers and on Tidal he has over a million people following him and he helped Tidal too for releasing the album only on that app. Kanye post when he's only on the toilet and sometime in the studio. He usually says something about HIs album, clothings, and he starts "Beef" with other artist. He usually doesnt interact with fans because hes always busy and traveling, the only time he interacted with fans was when he asked his fans to guess his album name and if they had it right he would give them a pair of his shoes.

Kanye's net worth

Kanye's net worth is $145 Million


Kanye gets help to promote himself from Tidal and Adidas and gets the attention from Twitter. On Tidal he decided to sell his album The Life Of Pablo (TLOP) which promoted himself and Tidal. For adidas he released these shoes called Yeezy Boost 350s and 750s which sold out quickly.

Target Marketing

The target market they are connecting to is Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Middle Easterns, and most of there age groups are 16-30

Celebrity Endorsement

Is a form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a well known person using their fame to help promote a product or service.

Companies Endorsing Kanye



Deaf Jam

Celebrity Values

Making clothing for adults and children, Designing shoe, spending time with his family, and making HOT records! This ties in with the brand because he put their logo on his clothing and give his shoe design to them to sell with their brand name.