Making it a week

Hunger Lab

Overall, the experiment was based on living a low standard income. The class was theoretically alotted twenty one dollars and had to live on it, comfortably with 2200 calories per day. The expirement worked out for me. I was able to "live" on the alotted amount of money. The staple of my diet was white rice. The cheap cost and high caloric value made it an essential food in my diet. In the proceeding pictures, I am going to show the food items, their costs, and their nutritional facts.

The Final Calculation

Okay, so the total is actually $26.11. However, with my A&P rewards card, the total was actually $20.34. These parcels of food are the ones that I am have survived on for a week. The carbohydrates were the main sources of calories in my diet. I was able to finish my week "alive" if you will. The cookies were my "life savers", whenever I needed more calories to make it a day. I would just eat cookies until my caloric intake was set. The objective was complete, I was able to survive the week and I did it with $21.00!!