how to use the computer

how pc's work


in this leaflet you will learn how to use pc&/ computers and also how it works!


hardware is tools, machinery, and other srong equipment.Also a hardware divice is a storege component.A computer uses two types of storage. A main store consisting of   RAM (random-access memory) ,and backing stores which can be internal, eg hard disk, or external, eg a USB flash drive.
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motherboards is the foundation of the computer, it controlles that part of it e.i a printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer or other device, with connectors for other circuit boards to be slotted into. An example of a motherboard is this
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what is cpu?

well cpu stands for central processes unit. well what doses it do? The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is responsible for interpreting and executing most of the commands from the computer software and hardware.
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How do touch-screen monitors know where you're touching?

well,Touch-screen monitors have become more and more commonplace as their price has steadily dropped over the past decade. There are two basic systems that are used to recognize a person's touch:ResistiveCapacitive
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