Two-Tech Tip Tuesday

Couple of ideas...

PowerPoint Pen and Highlighter - Make that point with OOOMPH!

Did you really want to make a point in powerpoint? Did you know that you can draw or highlight as you present? When you use Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you can circle, underline, draw arrows, or make other marks on the slides. This is a visual aid for your audience, so it is only available when you are RUNNING THE PRESENTATION.

To activate the pointer, you may select it at the bottom of the slide, or click anywhere on the slide to get the menu. (Again, it must be in presentation mode.)

Now you may use the pen or highlighter to emphasize your point.

Big image

See how I emphasize my feelings for my dog, putting in "hugs and kisses".

Speaking of Powerpoint - How to show your presentation but keep your notes for yourself.

If you are presenting, but do not want your notes to show to the audience, you can set that up in "Set Up Show."

Make sure that your click Multiple monitors, and have a checkmark in the Show Presenter View. (as illustrated below)

When you start the show, your audience will only see the presentation, but you will have your notes to reference. They will think that you stayed up all night memorizing the stuff.

Big image

Here is my presentation with my notes...down below the slide. Only I see them when I present.

Big image

Please don't tell my other dog, Molly, until I feature her in a tip sheet. She gets jealous.