Viva la République Française!

France in the Sochi Olympics 2014

Presented by Homeroom 217 through the Advisories of Mrs. Caranci and Mr. Voccio


  • With an area of 211,209 square miles, France is the largest country in Western Europe and has the third largest population of all European countries with 66,616,416 people.
  • France borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, and Spain.
  • The Atlantic Ocean splashes against France's west coast and the Mediterranean Sea delights its southern coast where the famed chic beaches of the French Riviera are located.
  • Agriculture makes up the leading exports of France; France is the third biggest exporter of agricultural products in the world.
  • Tourism is also a major economic engine; France ranks as the number one tourist destination of the world with 83 million foreign tourists in 2012 (ahead of the US and China).

2014 Winter Olympians in Sochi, Russia

Jason Lamy-Chappuis champion olympique

French Cuisine

French food is known throughout the world for its high standard of ingredients, preparation, and presentation. The French diet contains an unlimited variety of poultry, meat, sea food, dairy, grains, fruits, vegetables, and sweets. French cuisine is often the standard of a gourmet.
Julia Child makes an omelet

GLOSSARY of FRENCH Words Used in Everyday English (appearing on this poster)

Boulevard (bull-a-vard) - a broad avenue in a city usually lined with trees and landscaping

Chic (sheek) - stylish

Entree (on-tray) - the main course of a meal

Faux pas (foe-pa) - "false step"; a violation of an accepted, unwritten rule

Gourmet (gor-may) - a person who appreciates and understands fine food

Homage (oh-mahg) - special honor or respect that is publicly displayed

Hors d'oeurve (or-durv) - an appetizer served before the main dish

Omellet (ohm-let) - a dish consisting of beaten eggs cooked and folded, often around a filling

Silhouette (sil-oh-wet) - an outline of something that appears dark against a light background

Souffle (soo-flay) - a light, fluffy baked dish made with eggs and combined with other ingredients

Au Revoir! (farewell)

Thank you for viewing our poster. We hope you have learned something about France. Enjoy the 2014 Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia.

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