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The capitol of Nicaragua

"is the capital city of Nicaragua as well as the department and municipality by the same name. It is the largest city in Nicaragua in terms of population and geographic size. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Xolotlán or Lake Managua, the city was declared the national capital in 1852.[3] Prior to its inception as the capital city, the title had alternated between the cities of León and Granada. The city has a metropolitan population of about 2,408,000, composed predominantly of mestizos and whites who are mainly of Spanish descent and a smaller German minority. Managua is the second most populous city in Central America, after Guatemala City."- Wikipedia free encyclopedia

Managua City (Destroyed City of Nicaragua)

Destroyed in 1972 by an earthquake, the capital is being currently rebuilt. First you can visit what remains of the Old Managua before the earthquake in 1972: from the historical Loma de Tiscapa, you can see the ruins of Somoza's Palace, as well as an exhibition of pictures corresponding to the years 1925-1972; visit the National Palace and its natural history museum, see the National Theater, old cathedral and central Park, as well as the new Presidential House. Also you can go to the Mercado Huembes (market), very huge popular market offering all kind of goods as well as handcraft.

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