paul bunyan

by john

book by Steven James

story mountain

1. (not sure what time this took place but i am guessing the late 1800's.) Paul Bunyan was at first interested in education. then in two dreams Paul Bunyan had the idea to invent the logging industry. 2. Paul Bunyan needed a foreman to take care of babe. he had many want to do this but as time passed they all faild. then a man from sweden came along and filled the position. his name was Hels Helson. Paul Bunyan had trouble with him but then he in a fight he staightend him out and made the black Dakota hills at the same time. Then a while later he needed a time keeper. he was walking through the forest when he saw johnny inkslinger. (there are alot of weird names in this.) Johnny was no trouble at all to have him help. 3. Paul Bunyan had many problems but the biggest one was the talk of women. Now Paul Bunyan never heared of women so he thought these were just from the imagination of his loggers. sevral times he had problems with them. 4. Johnny Inkslinger had found a land of women and right away told Paul Bunyan. a few days later a few of his men were missing and he went to look for them. he later found out that they were in the place with women. 5. this problem was happening to much so he put an end to it, because some of them were gon and most of the land was bare he let his loggers go knowing he'd lose them sooner or later.


it is hard to explain but as long as trees grew from the earth logging would still exist.