Library News Volume 1: Issue 3

"All the news that fits!"

Today's newsletter is brought to you by the letters M and B and C !

This issue is all about My Big Campus!

My Big Campus is a social networking tool designed to be used in a school environment. It was designed by the people at Lightspeed (the people who designed our online filtering system) so you already have a password and you know that it's safe. Just use your school computer username and I.D. and you can get started. It looks like FaceBook, but it's so much more! Please contact me if you'd like any assistance getting started. Thousands of teachers and students all over the country are already using it!

You can use My Big Campus to interact with your students.

Groups-You can create a group for each class and share information with just those students.

Schoolwork-Post assignments and they appear on all of your students' calendars

Conversations - Students can share projects and communicate with each other and with you!

There's an App for it! - My Big Campus can be accessed on Smartphones and Tablet computers (that's what an iPad is).

You can use My Big Campus to support your curriculum

Bundles - Search for lessons and videos that you can customize with a click of a button!

Edutalk - Communicate with teachers all over the country. You can ask questions and search for information!

Videos - You can use My Big Campus to unblock selected YouTube videos for student viewing.

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  • Carolyn Brook - Library Media Specialist
  • Diane Tompkins - Library Assistant
  • Eva Olivett - Library Assistant

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