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P.O.V. of Starters

The point of the view for the book Starters is 1st person. The story is told from the mind of the main character, Callie Woodland. She has a little brother, Tyler and a friend/lover from before the war, Michael. The plot of this story starts with Callie in a company building named Prime Destinations. The head of this organization, Mr. Tinnenbaum shows Callie around and takes her through all of the proper paperwork for the process in which she will soon, with consent, lose all control of her mind and body for a small time as someone else will be "borrowing her". The spore outbreak caused a war that landed all unclaimed and orphaned minors on the streets to fend for themselves and find their own ways to survive. Renting out her body for an old Ender to borrow seemed like a scary proposition at first but she needed the money to care for her only family left, Tyler. Callie's first rent out went great with no problems at all. But her next would change everything. A malfunction in the chip inserted to rent out her body caused her to take control of her body at random times through out the renting trials of her permanent client. She later finds out that her client is going to use her body to murder the head of Prime Destinations, as he is trying to steal the unclaimed minors off the streets and use them for PERMANENT renting, they would never get their bodies back and their lives and minds would be frozen in time. They would never continue on in their own bodies or in anyone else's. To find what happens in the book reading it would be a great opposition. There is also a second book to this series called Enders.

Background/Before the Outbreak

Before the outbreak Callie and Tyler and all of the people here lived a somewhat normal life. But missiles coming from the enemies carried and incurable disease that killed off most of the adult population, leaving many to fend for themselves.

Review on book

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