Gaby Pena

what is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

DNA plays a large role in biotechnology because there is then a possibility of being able to identify murders and rapist. With this you can also identify soldiers killed in war.

how is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

-new born screening

-determining sex

-Prenatal diagnostic screening

-Confrontational diagnosis of symptomatic individuals

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Using biotechnology in agriculture has been used for a long time .Many people thought this would improve organisms by breeding. Biotechnology is also used in agriculture to make new vaccines that help people resist diseases, scientist do this by crossbreeding wheat types until disease resistance is shown.

How is biotechnology used in the health industry in making medicines like penicillin and insulin?

Biotechnology help people by making insulin for the treatment of diabetics people are also able to use antibiotics like penicillin. This is all created because scientist use a human cell chromosome and blend in with a bacterium.

How is biotechnology used in environmental clean-up?

Microbes break down a lot of the chemicals in the environment, the sewage treatment plans hold the microbial recycle's to clean waste water before it goes to nearby streams, lakes, and groundwater. Other sewage plants can also bring in methane made by microbes then they use that methane to fuel the generators, digests, and air compressors.

what are the potential negative impacts of biotechnology?

- In 2001 an ecologist Dr. Miguel Altieri of Berkeley University in California, showed in a test that many plants in an area that were genetically modified in biotechnology were shown that during things like a drought, contamination's , and bad weather it was harder for the crops to use there natural resistances to continue living through conditions like this, causing more plants to die.

- This could also harm animal life because as these animals are eating this genetically modified food the also eat the toxins the are in the crops as well. Many monarch butterfly's are dying in large numbers because of these toxins. This also harms other insects because new allergies form, harming normal hormone levels.

Field of Medicine

In the field of medicine,biotechnology is used in many different ways to help people. Doctors today use biotechnology to help in testing and treatments. Now doctors can tell people accurately if they have a type of disease or not. Also now doctors can use treatments like enzyme replacement therapy, targeted drug therapy and more. Doctors now everyday are able to help people feel better and even spot out things before it gets any worse and now provide help for people everyday.