How Does Conflict Lead to Change?

By Kelly Wu

How does the picture relate to my question?

I think my image represents my question because the item that pops the bubble (the needle in this case) is representing conflict and the popping of the bubble is representing change. The bubble being popped creates change because the item there is now not there anymore. The popping of the bubble created change.

Berkana, Jill Kristin. Popping MY Space Bubble! Digital image. Bodywork Art ~ Exploring the Mindful Approach. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 May 2016.

Book A

The List by Siobhan Vivian is about a school tradition, every year there would be a list that said the prettiest and ugliest freshman to seniors in Mount Washington High. Eight girl's lives would change forever, and will all experience hardships throughout the school year. "For as long as anyone could remember the students of Mount Washington High have arrived at school on the last Monday in September to find a list naming the prettiest and ugliest girl in each grade... It reduced an entire female population down to three clear-cut groups. Prettiest, ugliest, and everyone else." (prologue) The conflict between these eight girls against society was making it through the school year without disappointing themselves. Each girl goes through situations that make them stop and think of a different viewpoint. Bridget wanted to lose weight thorough out the summer, she felt that she was fat. She didn't eat meals, and drank disgusting juices, so she could be skinnier. At the end when she tried on her size 2 prom dress she was bony and like a skeleton, and she was thinking was all that suffering really worth being skinny? Danielle, an athletic girl being called "Dan the Man" really wasn't feeling good, going thorough boy trouble she realizes that don't change yourself for the sake of others. Be yourself and don't let others impact how you think of yourself. At the end they all realize that being pretty or ugly didn't matter, it was friendships that bonded forever.

Vivian, Siobhan. The List. New York: PUSH, 2012. Print.

Book B

The Elephant Run by Roland Smith takes place in Burma, a tropical environment with wild animals running around. The people of Burma are very careful to the elephant herds. Nick having to been sent here because of London is in the middle of World War 2, knows only the little information his dad told Nick in his letters. In the community mahouts (people that take care of elephant) most of the time men do this job. Mya the daughter of the head of the mahouts, wants to become a mahout though the culture in this community would not allow that. A new kid just coming from London got an elephant right when he got here, while Myra was born here and possibly knows everything about elephants doesn’t get one. Mya is in conflict with the society, she want to become a mahout but her society is unwilling to let that happen. “’…not here, Mya said sharply. Only men can become mahouts…’ ‘Where are you going now?’ He asked. ‘To the elephant training camp’ she said without looking back”. (52) When the Japanese invade he camps, Nick and Mya become prisoners. Throughout the book Mya gains more respect from men. At the end, Mya becomes the head of the mahouts.

Smith, Roland. Elephant Run. New York: Disney/Hyperion, 2009. Print.

Book C

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey tells people what would happen if aliens came to visit earth? The story is about conflict between humanity and the others. Ringer is sent as a replacement to Squad 53. Ben and Ringer are soldiers in Squad 53, and they have to go kill the “green” people. The government is making the people at Camp Haven the fifth wave, killing everyone that doesn't have a implant. A little while later Ringer thinks that Camp Haven (a place where the others keep the captured humans) is ran by the others and she has a plan to run away. She also took her implant out (something the others give you once you go to Camp Haven), and suddenly she glowed green. Ben is wary and is having conflict against himself. He has to decide whether to shoot Ringer or to trust her. “I’m already on my feet, M16 in my hands, backing toward the door. And outside, beneath the sound-deadening snowfall, Poundcake and the sniper, trading barbs. Unclean glows green… you know why. You just can’t admit it to yourself. They lit up because those people weren’t infested. They’re just like us, the only difference being they don’t have implants.” (308) Ben is hesitate to shoot Ringer, and at the end Ringer and him run out of Camp Haven. Ben learned about how cruel, and how much in reality the others are, and not to trust them.

Yancey, Richard. The Fifth Wave. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

The Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence

"Jennifer Lawrence - The Hanging Tree (Audio)." YouTube. YouTube, 22 Nov. 2014. Web. 20 May 2016.


The Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence is a song sang when Katniss, the role that Jennifer Lawrence plays in the movie The Hunger Games sings when they are heading to the capital. This song is representing a change that the revolution is going to make on the capital. Which relates back to my question- How does conflict lead to change?

Personal Example

A personal example would be when I went to travel to Hawaii, I went snorkeling at Hana Beach, and I got sunburnt on my back. That time was my first time getting sunburnt, and we couldn't find a Walgreens to by some aloe to prevent it from burning/hurting. The conflict was person versus nature, and the change was from now on I wear way more sunscreen then I am supposed to and bring aloe whenever I go to a beach. When I went to Hanauma Bay I put on a lot of sunscreen and learned my lesson.

Real World Example Video

"America Divided." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 23 May 2016.

Real World Example

A historical real world example would be the Civil War. Before the Civil War started, slaves were widely used in the United States for picking cotton. Since the United States became a country the South has been saying we might secede if you don't do..., they were holding leverage until they get what they wanted. There was always a conflict between the North and the South, all the anger was built up and released during the civil war. When the Civil War ended the South was admitted back into the Union, though their major supply of cotton was gone; slavery. People looked at the United States as a country instead of a gathered bunch of states. The Civil War changed the lives of everyone who experienced it.