Kitley Friday News

September 30, 2016

Kitley staff,

Thanks for another great week at Kitley! As a reminder, we will not have our PD and PLC times next week so teachers can have more time for conferences and prepping for conferences. If you would like Kelly, Lauren, Courtney, Linda, Devon, or myself to sit in on a conference please just let us know. Report cards and ISTEP+ reports should be handed out at conferences and please remember to gather signatures for Title I.

I enjoyed sitting in on the 5th grade reps meeting yesterday. Abbie, Christina, and Courtney did a great job representing the work we're doing at Kitley! Courtney and I are meeting with all of the reps following their meetings to ensure we have similar takeaways and communication to the teachers that don't attend these meetings. If you ever have questions please let us know!

EVERY EMPLOYEE that is benefits eligible MUST log on and accept of decline coverages offered through our district insurance policy. Open Enrollment is Sept. 26-Oct. 26th. HR is open and available from 6:00 AM- 6:00PM for anyone to come in and get assistance with this process.



Important Information and Dates

- My cell phone # is 765.491.6879. Please feel free to text or call me anytime. You can follow me on twitter @indybrown7. Be sure to also follow our school twitter handle @KitleyCougars.

- Please review the Teacher Evaluation Information document and let Devon or Joe know if you have any questions.


- Leadership Meeting from 9:15am-10:30am

- PTC meeting in Media Center at 6:30pm


- No Professional Development

- Garden Committee meeting at 8:15am

- Evacuation Drill at 9:30am

- Joe out at meeting from 10:15am-1:30pm

- Office meeting at 1:30pm


- No PLC's

- Mobile Dentist

- Early Dismissal

- Conferences


- Mobile Vision

- Picture Retake Day

- Joe out at Principals meeting

- Conferences


- Hat Day

- All Pro Dads

- Coaches out in PM for meeting

- Nutrition Club

- Cougar Convo

News from the Coaches

From: Engaging Students With Poverty In Mind

Effort and Energy: Building deep understanding makes learning richer and more memorable and encourages creativity, leading to increased student enthusiasm and effort.

Capture the Essentials: Give your students real tools they can use to retain the content. Teach them mnemonic devices such as associations, peg words, or acronyms. Using simple acronyms can bolster students’ knowledge of labels in the content they’re studying which gives them confidence.

Make it Personal: Give students a chance to share personal stories that connect to the topic you’re introducing. You can have them engage in a short writing activity, relate stories verbally with partners or in small groups, or have them tell their stories to the whole class.

Dear Fellow Educators,

Build your students’ background knowledge and vocabulary on geography with nonfiction and literary articles. Improve their comprehension by using the text-dependent question sets.

K-12 Geography Articles

Remember, now there are two great places to find ReadWorks. Check out the new ReadWorks Digital—where you and your students can interact with ReadWorks content and curriculum digitally.

Happy Teaching!

The ReadWorks Team


Break Down Directions

Why should I do it:

· Some students get overwhelmed by too much information on a page

· Students who are dealing with ADD/ADHD tend to have difficulties with breaking up directions

· Provides student with small, frequent, attainable goals

· Helps focus students on specific parts and tasks

· Increases understanding and follow through

When should I do it:

· When a student shows signs of being overwhelmed

· When you are aware of an ADHD/ADD diagnosis either by school or outside school

· When student is reluctant to start work

· When a student completes work incorrectly frequently

How do I do it:

· Re-read directions to the student one part, section, or task at a time

· Simplify your language

· Be very concise and clear

· After explaining one part or re-reading one section of the directions, show the student and point to what you are talking about on the page

· Have the student repeat and explain each part of the directions back to you and then all the directions after they have all been gone over

· After explaining the directions fully, do one or several problems or items with the student

· Allow a break after student completes a portion of the work

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