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Excellence and High Expectations With A Commitment to All

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January 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and took time to enjoy the snow that came. I for one thought it was a beautiful view to wake up, look out and see the blanket of snow covering the streets, cars and houses.

This week, marks our week 2 of second semester. It is also week 20 of school. It is amazing to think that we are already 20 weeks into this school year. This year we have each put work into our schools. I celebrate the work we have started and these next weeks, we will be working to review and refine our plans and practice. Having said that, during these next few weeks, we will be covering the following topics:

- Progress on Roadmaps (Gradation and student achievement)
- Culture Response Plan (check in) & Tripod 7Cs
- Read 180/System 44 progress

I will also be looking to schedule with each of you our co-observation and digging deeper into Observation/Feedback and Key Action Step.

As always, I am humbled and honored to be your ILD and working alongside you to change the future our children, communities and city.

-Your ILD, Julio César Contreras

National Mentoring Month: January

Did you know January is National Mentoring Month? Here is a great link with resources for you to incorporate with your volunteers and / or other school activities.


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Keeping Attendance Strong All Winter Long

Keeping Attendance Strong All Winter Long

Absenteeism often spikes in the winter months, as holiday travel, bad weather and illness conspire to keep students home from school. Attendance Works has developed a winter weather toolkit for schools and communities.

Some tips include:
1. Celebrate individual attendance. In cold and flu season, it can be harder for a whole class to have good and improved attendance.
2. Connect improving attendance to seasonal events. Make it part of your New Year's resolutions or Valentine's Day celebration. The 100th day of school lands sometime in late January or February. Celebrate the students who have missed fewer than 5 days.
3. Work with public agencies. If, for example, you're expecting snow, talk to your city's public works department about prioritizing sidewalks and roads near schools. In rural areas, coordinate with snowplow teams.
4. Tap your school's parents and volunteer network. Organize a snow-shoveling brigade or a four-wheel drive caravan to pick up stranded students. Collect rain gear or warm coats to help students weather nasty storms. Share these tips for families.

**Be sure to click on the two hyper-linked items above for additional resources in English and Spanish.

I encourage each school to review with staff and leadership teams the school practices and expectations for monitoring and tracking attendance. During this time of the year, it is more important than ever we remind our students regarding the importance of good attendance to prepare for testing and next year.

- ECJR had 1 day at /above 94%
- Hale Hs and ECHS had 2 or more days above 87%

Keep it up!

Click here to download last weeks attendance data chart

Portfolio Legend:

(Jr) 95+ Green; 93-94.99 Yellow; 92.99- Red

(Hs) 93+ Green; 87-92.99 Yellow; 86.99 - Red


Graduation Roadmap: Increase the graduation rate by 5 percentage points between the 2015 and 2016 graduation cohorts.

Last week the high school were to review the WAVE dropout report for the January 5 certification. During these next weeks I will be reviewing with high schools their forecast for this year's graduation. Most importantly, we will be reviewing our cohort data and discuss what strategies are or need to be in place in order to achieve our district goal.

1/15 Complete Graduation Checks
1/18 Enroll students in Trimester EOI

High schools should click here to access the graduation progress spreadsheet


District Information

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Reminder: PD District wide - 1/15/16

January 15 District Professional Learning Day

Linked here is the catalog of sessions to be offered on January 15, 2016. Included in the catalog are site and district professional learning opportunities, instructor/facilitator directions, and instructions for paras, TAs, site secretaries, and clerks.

Certified Personnel:
* If your site is conducting its own site professional development, you have been pre-enrolled.
* If your site is participating in district-provided professional learning, please enroll by January 8 to allow session instructors time to prepare materials. (See page 2 to find your site.) You must enroll in six hours of professional development. Instructions for enrolling can be found on page 22 of the catalog linked above.

Support Personnel:
* Paras and TAs should plan on attending at their site if the site is offering professional development or with your teachers if they are attending district professional development. Please enroll on My Learning Plan if attending district PD.
* Secretaries should plan on attending either the morning or afternoon session at Wilson offered by Marsha Owens. The morning session will be from 8:30 - 11:30, and the afternoon session will be from 12:30 - 3:30. Please sign up on the Edivate catalog for the Support PD-January 15 class. Choose the am or pm session.

Responsibilities of Instructors and Principals Conducting Site PD: If you are conducting and/or facilitating a session, please be sure to follow these instructions.
* Prior to the session, log onto My Learning Plan and print your sign in sheets.
Instructions are linked here. If you are unable to print the sign in sheet, contact Sheri Underwood or Vicki Cox.
* Instructors providing district PD should end sessions 10 minutes early to allow participants to transition to their next session.
* Following your session, please make a copy of your sign in sheet and send it to Sheri Underwood at Wilson. Attendance cannot be verified or credit received until these are received.
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Scholastic Data: Getting to Green and Beyond - School Data

During the LDD updated school data was shared for the Getting to Green and Beyond. I will be emailing you teacher specific data. Currently not all schools, nor all classrooms at the schools are represented. Only those teachers that had participated in coaching with the HMH coach this semester are included in the report.

Read 180 / System 44 Data

During these next couple of weeks in January [during site visits] we will be reviewing Read 180 / System 44 data and the indicators for success. If you recall, earlier this year we reviewed programming and session data.

In the meantime, I am asking each school to please review the following:
- # of students enrolled
- Are all teachers trained
- For 2nd Semester, are the right students programmed for System 44 / Read 180

Important Dates

Conociedo a la Familia / Getting to know the Family

Meet Jody Parsons

Q) Where did you work before coming to TPS?
A) Before coming to work for TPS in 2003, I worked at Kinko’s and played music
Q) What is your favorite hobby?
A) Camping
Q) What would you like to accomplish this school year?
A) Create a culture of trust and high expectations
Q) Who is someone you admire and why?
A) Abraham Lincoln. He had a lot of competing emotions going on under the surface and he still championed his cause
Q) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A) Denali National Park, Alaska

Star Student Of The Week

Meet Blake

Meet Blake. This year he has shared with the school and peers his musical talent of playing the cello. He is an outstanding typist and is involved in the schools Academic Team.

Q) What is your favorite movie?
A) Avengers: Age of Ultron
Q) What do you plan to do as a career?
A) I want to be an author
Q) What is one thing you want to accomplish this school year?
A) I want to make straight A's
Q) How do you spend your free time?
A) Reading or playing video games
Q) What is your favorite class?
A) English Language Arts/Reading