Grades and 3rd Quarter

Osage Tail Middle School

1. 8 Math Pre-Algebra DENA WETHINGTON C-72.16%

2. 8 Computer Lit TIM MYERS B 84.31%

2. 8 Girls PE/Health DAWN TRAVIS C-45.65%

3 .8 Achievement Lab KARA GILLAN A 96.88%

4. 8 Soc Studies CHRISTOPHER RAY C-70.40%

5. 8 Science LESLIE HORNE D+67.02%

6/7 8 Eng/Lang Arts AILEEN HEPHNER B 82.77%

North Kansas City , Mo 1345 North Street West


By : Dianna Phillips

Hello Friends and Family I have a Buisses from making toys and dress for kids and the toys will send some to you guys and i hope you will like them . And i want you do know at i take my time working on them for a long time . To make them for a lot of people and a grow up can buy a dress for them .

An this is for my job so I hope that you love it so please don’t send it back because at mean you don’t like my dress or my toys so i had this buisses for a two days and it might take time to sale more things .

Your Friends,

Dianna Phillips