***Golsie Updates***

June 2013

Last Month

Thanks to everyone who came to the Venture Day Finals at IE Business School on May 9th to see Golsie present. Denny did a great job, and we made the most of the product and traction we have relative to the competition. Thanks to your support, we received 2nd place in the popular vote! What a great capstone event for the IE Business School Venture Lab, it certainly helped to gain some significant exposure having 500+ people in attendance. Now with the Venture Lab program behind us, we continue to take advantage of the network available through the Top Seeds Lab Program.
Golsie is firmly on the map in the startup community in Europe, and we have a great plan set forth to take advantage of this in preparation for our global launch.


1. Product Testing: Most importantly, expect to see our iOS free app available worldwide on the App Store by the end of June! We will keep you well aware of the release, as well as subsequent releases for Android and Windows platforms later this summer. If you have any product-related suggestions or know any rock star app developers who may have interest in joining the Golsie team, please email sriram at golsie.com.

2. Partnerships: Second, we have gained traction with several partners in both the U.S. and Europe that will enable us to roll-out Golsie at a very low cost to over 250k users in the first 3-6 months! We are very excited about these partnerships and can’t wait to tell you more.

If you know any goal-oriented larger organizations (marathon planners, coaching/mentoring, health/wellness, or career/education) that may make great initial partners with Golsie, please help put us in touch and email denny at golsie.com.

3. Funding: In early July, we aim to finalize our seed round. We have strong commitment and interest from several investors (many of you are on this email) and we look to close out this round with an additional 50-75k EUR of equity. Please email tom at golsie.com for more details regarding a seed round investment.

We look forward to launching a great app that will inspire people to set new goals and engage their friends in achieving personal goals. We look forward to your feedback and remain committed to adding fun and interesting features over the next few months! We will keep you posted!