plate project

Continental Drift

the continental drift was a theory that Alfred wegener developed.He was the only one to believe in his theory no one believed him cause he had no proof.The continental drift is also called pangea.Pangea was along time ago and it was when all the continents were together.After alfreds death people found proof that could support his theory 1. warm climate plants were found in Antarctica 2. fresh water animals were found in the other side of the world 3. same rock layer on all the coasts

My statement on whether continental drift is valid.

i think its not valid cause how can all the continents fit together like a puzzle

sea floor spreading

sea floor spreading was a theory by harry hess. Sea floor spreading happens when magma comes out of a volcano at the bottom of the sea and it pushes rocks to the side and creates ridges and magnetic pole reversals and the older rock is farther and young rock is closer.
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my statement of whether sea floor spreading is valid

i think it is valid cause i just do it seems right