Jeffers Pond Friday Outlook

May 27, 2016


New Intervention Teacher: We are excited to have Angel Stanley as our new intervention teacher for next year. Please help me congratulate Angel on this new role!

Promotion cards and class lists: Please work on your class lists for next year. I will be giving the class list blank papers next week. Also, as a reminder, please schedule a time with Karoline to meet when finalizing your class lists.

Laker Maker Moments: Thank you for the planning of your Laker Maker Moments this coming week. Please send Karoline your dates and times. Be sure to captures some pictures of your makers in action and save them to the Google Drive End of year folder.

Naturalist Day and ESTEM festival day: May 31 and 1 are our Naturalist Day and ESTEM festivals. Thank you in advance for all of the hard work you have done to plan for meaningful activities with your students.

Pictures: Please upload any last pictures for our end of year celebration video to be shared with all staff at the end of year district breakfast. You can upload those pictures to Google Drive.

Outside areas: Please be cautious by the bridge area on the way to the covered tables on the city side of the property. There are some unsafe areas that are going to be looked at by the city today. A community group noticed that last night and made a report and wanted us to be aware.

Inspiring greatness

4th graders have been working on their jiggle bots. They have been putting their making skills to the test.

Kindergarten shared their reading skills during the reading cafe with their 3rd grade buddies.

Kindergarten - 2nd grade track and field day


Thank you to Mike and Kevin for all of the planning and preparing for the track and field event days.

Thank you to Julaine and Christine for manning the office last week during some very busy times.

Thank you to Kay for helping out at the last minute with the Young Author's conference.

Thank you to Jane for planning the Young Author's conference. The students enjoyed their experience!

Thank you to Nancy for the great idea of the Wandering Mug.

Thank you to Christine and all of the 2nd-5th grade teachers for your work with MAP testing.