The Egypt Game

By:Belis Gul

Choice #2

The History Of The Egypt Game

April & Melanie are the ones who started The Egypt Game.Before long, other people are draw into the game.In The Egypt Game they wore costumes,held ceramonies, and they also worked on secret codes.The Egypt Game was held in the backyard of the A-Z antuiqe store (In the proffesors back yard).The A-Z atuiqe store was a house/Store.The building was two flores the botton part was a store and the top part was a house.

After a while Ken and Toby joined The Egypt Game. The egypt girls did not want to let them join but they didnt want their secret game to expose eaither.The girls wanted to keep it a secret because the proffsor did not know that their were kids in his backyard (Or So They Thought).Before long their were six egyptions in The Egypt Game . They ment after school and on the weekends. Every one that was playing thought it was just a game, but the games was not an ordinary game.

Some Of The Charecters

Who Is The Author ? Facts About The Author !!!

The Author is Zilpha Keatley Snyder, and the book (The Egypt Game) was published in 1967.She was born in San Francisco, CA. And she died in October 8, 2014 in Lemoore, CA.
Zilpha Keatley Snder was an American Author of books.Some other books that Zilpha Keatley Snder wrote are:The Gypsy Game,The Headless Cupid,The witches of worm,The Velvet Room,The Changleing,and much much more.

One Intresting Scene in The Egypt Game (THE HERO)

It all started when Marshall,April, and Dr.Huddleston were in the backyard. Marshall & April were playing The Egypt Game.Marshall wanted to protectet April from the guy in the red hair. The guy was trying to pull April from the fence.Marshall's goal was complete.She saved April and she became THE HERO.