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Dr. Sameer Sonar - Thyroid Cancer and Nuclear Medicine Specialist. Wanted a website to connect with his patients... and did he connect! Through super feature rich CMS website powered by WordPress with custom design, blog, forums, email notifications, member only access area and more. He's our Achiever No. 1. Visit Dr. Sameer Sonar's website

Resonate Web Solutions

At Resonate, we are WordPress fanatics. Who won't be? It is probably one of the best open source piece of code ever written. What's it got to do with YOUR website? Well, for starters the cost is less, its search engine (super) friendly, it is highly extensible, it is (super) easy to manage and the list goes on.

Peek into Resonate's wordpress website portfolio to get an idea of how a website can change the way you do business online.

If you intend to dig deeper...

  1. Being open source, Wordpress has no licensing fees, monthly costs or other subscriptions attached with it. We build a custom website powered by WordPress and you OWN it.
  2. WordPress websites and search engines are good friends. We make it even better with following standard coding practices, permalinks, keywords and use of plugins to boost your chances of search engine spotting.
  3. As of now, there are more than 19,000 free plugins (and hundreds more in various premium marketplaces) that can convert your simple website or blog into powerful web applications
  4. Wordpress admin is very simple to use password protected area where you can manage content, media and many other settings of your website through drag-n-drop interface.

Resonate Web Solutions

Resonate Web Solutions is a Pune, India based company with expertise in web design, wordpress andcorporate identity solutions. We also builds websites to enable local small business advertise and promote online through directory listings, classifieds, banners and other promotional tools.