Luis Sachar

you are entering camp green lake!

There is a boy name stanley Yelnats that went to camp green lake.Camp Green Lake is a camp that the bad kids go to learn a lesson, camp green lake is in texas.Stanley went to camp green lake becuase he stold the shoes that were from clyde livingston baseball shoes.Camp green lake  was ones a town and it had a big lake there was a man that was seling onions his name was sam but they called him the onion  guy he always sell a speshoul bag katherine barlow.Stanley has a lot of friends  like zigzag , armpit , x -ray, and his best friend zero.

the curse

Stanleys father saids that his family is cures because of his great grandfather pig stiler.His grand father told madom zeroni and madom zeroni gave him a pig and he had to cary the pig he did do et then he nided to cary meadom zeroni he didnt do it then they were crouse becauase of all he dint do like cary medom zeroni.He had a counsler his name was Mr.Pendanskei his boss wasMr.Sir and the boss boss was the warden the warden was a woman.Mr.Sir said" your hole needs to be like your shovel"



stanleys frieds are zigag,exray,zero,armpit,and a lot of more friends.They are members  on camp green lake like mr. sir , the warden ,and mr. pendanski