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Entering the last 15 school days of Semester 1

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. We are only 15 school days away from the end of our 1st semester. As we prepare for the end of the semester assessments, some classes will have a traditional final while other classes might have a project, performance, or alternative assignment. Teachers will have until January 3rd to have grades turned in and on January 7th we will send hard copy report cards home with students.


December 15 Periods 2,4

December 16 Periods 1,5,7

December 17 Periods 3,6

All traditional finals are 45 minutes or shorter. Class time for finals will be 90 minutes. That way all students, SPED included, will have their IEP's or accommodations met with ample time to complete the finals the day of their final.

Also, as a reminder, the only grade that appears on a student's official transcript is the semester final grade.

82.3 % - No Discipline Referrals

As of right now, we have 82% of our student body that has not received a referral at all. That is great news. Here is a breakdown by class below of % with no referrals. Please check skyward for your own child's discipline records. A reminder that all emails for referrals go to the email you entered when registering your child. If you need to update your information, please do so through the parent portal on skyward.

% w/NO referrals

76% - 9th grade

79% - 10th

85% - 11th

89% - Seniors

Holiday Cards Sent Overseas & More!

The students and staff made over 600-holiday cards which have been sent to our country’s overseas military bases. Two years ago we did this and sent a little over 200.

The Anchor Club, a volunteer service club, delivered thank you letters to staff that the Language Arts/Foreign Language students wrote. The Anchor Club also hosted Pie Day for all staff to give thanks to the staff for Thanksgiving and their service to the community. The Culinary Arts students made delicious pies that were enjoyed by all! Yum!

Our Forestry team made it to STATE!

#1 Team for Area - State is Dec 10

Jorja Hazelwood - 1st individual

Sarah Backus - 2nd individual

Jenna Martin

Morgan Preston

Keshaun Roberts


Madison Consolidated High School will host a FAFSA Informational Night on Tuesday, November 30 at 6:30 in the MCHS Cafeteria. financial aid experts will share what to expect and will take questions at the end of the presentation. All area seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend.

A Christmas Story the Musical - SHOWTIMES!

December 2 at 7:00

December 3 at 7:00

December 4 at 2:30 & 7:00

December 5 at 2:30

Our students have been working hard and are ready to show off their hard work. Come out and enjoy the production.