Biomedical Engineering

By: Matthew Ibanez

What do they do?

On a typical day for a biomedical engineer they will design technology that helps people in the medical field do better with their jobs, sometimes they will research how to help paralyzed people walk, new medicines to cure diseases, create software to run medical equipment, run computer simulations to test medicines, and etc. These engineers usually work in hospitals where they can supervise the equipment, they can also work in rehab centers to help with the rehab technology, or they could work in corporate offices in research.
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Education Requirements

To be a biomedical engineer you need to have a bachelor's degree for an entry-level job. For a higher level job you must have your master's or a doctorate.
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Typical Salary of a Biomedical Engineer

Starting Salary: $54,100

Median Salary: $93,960

Highest Salary: $143,000

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Why I am interested

I am interested in doing this job because it seems interesting and I would like to work in the medical field. Also working to help make peoples lives better is a very good reason to work. I also like thinking and being creative to figure out solutions to problems.