GCIS Friday Focus 8/26/2016

We're Not Here to be average; we're here to be AWESOME!

Can any teachers out there relate?

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Browse This Link...

Please read this link prior to our Tuesday Morning Meeting in Manken's room at 7:30am. It's short and sweet, but frames the direction of our work with authentic learning this year! Looking forward to our time.

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Weekly Duties

Special thanks to all the duty teachers and your efforts to keep our spaces in the morning and afternoon safe! Please let me know if there is anything that we may need to adjust.

Link to AM/PM Duties

AM/PM Duties

The link above is for the duty safety net for both Bus and Recess.


  • You will find your name associated with a month.
  • This provides the associates with names of who they might touch base in case they need to find coverage.
  • Please review this doc and see where you are at and make note.


  • This is also a safety net for duties during the day.
  • Recess and Lunch (you are only needed in case of a lack of coverage)
  • Look over the doc and see where your name is. You are assigned a day, but you can switch these based on what might work best with your schedule among your grade level team.
  • If you have questions about this doc let me know.

First Newsletter Info

Due to the start of school the first newsletter is on PAUSE until September 9th! Take time to get all those start of school things set and in play within your classroom/grade level. We will blast out our GCIS Aweseomness every Friday!

Newsletter Details:

-Collaborate with team around newsletter document

-Please have completed by noon on Thursday.

-Newsletter blast goes out to parents every Friday and also posted on Facebook.

-Possibly looking into a PDF option to blast too.

-I will be using smore.com again for communication of our newsletter.

What's Happening This Week!

Monday: 8/29 Day 4

Tuesday: 8/30 Day 1

  • 7:30am All teachers meet in Manken's room
  • Details about Tuesday Morning PD time for the year.
  • GCIS Teams
  • Hearing Mtg 5th grade team: 11:00-11:30pm

Wednesday: 8/31 Day 2

  • PD in Doug's room All Staff 2:00-3:30pm
  • Julie G. will be joining us.

Thursday: 9/1 Day 3

  • Admin Mtg. 2:00pm GCAB

Friday: 9/2 Day 4

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GCIS Information Hub

If you are looking for a doc, remember they are a click away! Happy Hunting!

Link to GCIS Information Hub