Who is Ernie??????

Ernie Chambers is a Nebraska state senator. He is the longest serving senator in Nebraska's history! WOW! Ernie is also the only African American to run for the US senate and Governor of Nebraska. Ernie, in his own words, "Fights the okie doke." He has done this in many ways. Stop by room 307 on May 9, 2016 to see his campaign stop in Omaha, his home city!

About Ernie

Ernie was born in Omaha, NE in 1937. One of his first jobs was as a paper boy. However he was fired on an account of race. This lit a fire in Ernie. We feel this event in Ernie's life is the reason he is such an infulential politician.

Why Vote Chambers?

His Track Record

He has a track record of getting things done. For example, he was the face of abolishing the deathpenalty in Nebraska. Ernie also has a record of doing the unprecedented. He is the only African American to run for governor and United States senator in Nebraska's history. Ernie has also done the unprecedented by suing God, as a symbol of course!

Ernie is obviously the best candidate for History Hall of Fame because his sucess is not over. Ernie is still alive and is still in the Nebraska Legislature.

About Us

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