By: Will Dandridge

Biotic and abiotic


Abiotic-Blind snake-Fenner fox-dingo-addax

How Humans Help & Harm This Environment


-Use water sources more efficiently.

-Find new ways to rotate the crops to protect the fertile soil.

-Use off road vehicles only on designated roads.


Global Warming- With all the gases we produce from our mechanical devices it causes global warming.

Off Road Vehicles- Since some people don’t follow the designated roads they can ruin the desert’s turan.

Oil & Gas Production- Production of these fossil fuels may disrupt sensitive habitats.

Nuclear Waste- Scientists throw nuclear waste into the desert to dispose of it.

the desert

The desert is a very hot and dry environment. With it’s soil source being sand. With this hot, dry & sandy environment surprisingly also can support living organisms to. Like the western blind snake or the dingo, and many many more species. This environment also supports us humans with many resources like copper, crystals, and also many many more resources. This interesting biome also only gets about ten inches of rain a year and can also supports life. This biome is truly amazing.

cool facts

  • Dust storms can reach over a mile high.

  • The giant “Saguaro Cactus” can grow up to fifty feet tall and live up to two hundred years old.

Biodiversity and Limiting Factors

-The desert only gets about ten inches of rain which limits the amount of animals that can live their.