Life With New Perspectives

Michael Werner


If I were to read another section in this novel i would read about Hsu’s family. This mother daughter pair intrigues me because it is filled with multiple different settings and events. As reading this you encounter numerous more twists and turns than you do in my part (Woo).

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is “How to lose your innocence but not your hope” (Tan 213). This quote is saying that your innocence makes you weak but you have to learn how to get rid of your weak side while continuing to keep your values straight. This quote stuck out to me because is sounds bland when just skimming over but has a deeper meaning than it appears. This has some truth in the real world how it tough and you have to learn to fight through it or loose your “innocence” while pursuing your ultimate goal.

Thematic Statement

In “Joy Luck Club”, Amy Tan presents the idea that hope gives people the inspiration to succeed in dreams even though the situations may be challenging. Amy Tan displays this idea of hope in “The Red Candle”, Lindo Jong had hope that she was going to escape from her arranged marriage even though it seemed nearly impossible. She promised to never forget herself and escape this abusive relationship. Hope gave her the will to fight through her situation till she could escape the dark and find the light. Finally she got out of her “ “doomed marriage" and got “enough money to go to America” (Tan 66). The quote shows how hope can give people the little extra drive to keep moving and achieve even the most tough goals and desires.

Feathers From a Thousand Li away

My favorite parable is “Feathers from a Thousand Li away”. This parable revolves around the love and hope of a immigrant mother for her child in a journey to America. The mother buys a swan hoping one day she may give it to her daughter and talk about the hardships she encounter, and she dreams that her child will “become more than what was hoped for” (Tan 17). I like this parable the most because it displays the most basic hopes and dreams of mothers for their children.
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