2nd Grade Updates

Mrs. Pieschek's Digital Newsletter


We are observing the butterfly lifecycle in our classroom. We will be wrapping up this unit at the Wildlife Sanctuary on Monday, May 16th.

To wrap up our Natural Resources unit the kids had to prove they were experts in whatever fashion they wanted to use. Some used technology resources while others chose to create posters.

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We are wrapping up our graphing unit. The kids will be coming up with a topic to survey their classmates about and creating digital graphs on Friday.

We will then be moving on to basic fractions and review for the upcoming MAP test.

The following website can be used to help practice for the test coming up Wednesday, May 18th.


We are continuing to work through opinion writing. The kids have been focusing on lead sentences and conclusion words to restate their opinion. Recently they were given the opportunity to write their opinion about what the Wildlife Sanctuary should name their baby falcons. We sent in the letters of any kid who brought in a permission slip. They came up with some great ideas.

End of the year reminders

We are coming to the end of our school year. Please take some time to discuss expectations with your child. The kids often forget some of these expectations when we are wrapping up our year and we want to finish our year out with a bang! Thanks for your help and support.